Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cousin Ella

Mattingly's cousin Ella from Chicago came to visit last Wed. until today. They had fun with each other and I had fun watching them. We stopped by for a visit last week to say hi and then Saturday all of us went to a wedding in New Hampshire. They had fun eating goldfish and veggie booty for lunch. Ella loved taking Mattingly's pacifier and then giving it back to him. She enjoyed hugging him as well. He could only take so much of that though. Sunday we enjoyed a hot summer baseball game. Ella cheered loudly for the Twins and Mattingly clapped. Monday we headed to Mystic Aquarium for another hot summer day. I missed most of the indoor stuff due to my motion sickness from looking into a circular fish tank. I did get to watch the sea lion show. Those are always fun. Tuesday we went to the park where Mattingly and Ella played in the sand and were again sweating in the heat. Hey at least there was no rain. It was great to hear Ella calling Mattingly her cousin and saying that she loved him. So cute! We did have one incident where Mattingly hit Ella and she was very sad and a little scared after that. She didn't want to get hit again. Today they hung out while I was at work and I was told that they held hands and drank their sippys together on the way to the airport. Mattingly called for "ELLA" on the way home. :( We'll miss you Ella! (PS I didn't take a lot of pictures with my camera b/c my sister's is so much better; sorry)

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