Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sick Boy

Horrible cough, runny nose. No good. But he is such a trooper. He smiles and eats great. He just likes to be held lots more. That's okay with me. He won't be little much longer and want to be held so I am taking full advantage. =)

Still not crawling. Could be very soon though. I can't believe it. Our house is not ready for a crawler. I need to get the carpets cleaned and do something about Melky first! Hopefully pops will finish the basement this summer so that can be the hot spot to play. That would be a lot better!

Mattingly got his first valentine's this week. One was a little stuffed monkey and one was a paper one that said "king of my heart" from his little girlfriend. So cute. He also made us a valentine at school. He painted a heart! (and tasted the paint)

What else....he loves eating "real" bananas; and anything we are eating! He loved grandma's pumpkin break a few weeks ago. He is definitely starting to eat more. Which means I need to hook the new car seat up b/c carrying him in that infant seat is not working out. Hopefully this weekend I will get that done and buy him a new high chair. One that doesn't recline and that is easier to see the food.

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